It is our ambition to generate relevant contributions to industrial value-creation processes by successfully applying innovation. Basis for respective achievements are individually tailored product- and process-solutions developed together with our customers for the market segment “Technical Textiles".



Preserving the status quo in an environment which continuously changes may mean a loss of competitiveness within short term. However, sole innovation does not guarantee success; in fact, a concrete customer need must exist or be specifically created. 


We are committed to continuous improvement and pursue ambitious objectives. We want to grow profitably by providing highly qualified services in the business fields in which we operate. Internally, we always strive for the most efficient solution. We think and act as committed entrepreneurs who want to put good ideas into practice. 


Our broad spectrum of knowledge and experience as well as our specifically designed pilot line represent best prerequisites to meet our ambition. Paired with a flexible business concept, these strong driving factors enable us to achieve entrepreneurial success together with our customers and to create something new for the benefit of a broad range of users and society.