Fiber-To-Go is owned by Dr. Axel Nickel and Rüdiger Stumpp and organized as a limited liability company (GmbH). 


Due to their long-term professional experience in plastics-, textile and fiber-, mechanical engineering- and automotive companies the two partners dispose of sound technical and commercial knowledge as well as a strong network in industry and science. 



Rüdiger Stumpp

Since his graduation as industrial engineer he has been working for more than 22 years for development and production companies in the nonwovens-, automotive-, metal-processing- and chemical-industry. At the beginning of his professional career, he initially worked as a project engineer for 4 years and since then has taken on various management roles in the commercial sector of globally operating industrial companies (including proxy holder and managing director) with responsibility for finance, accounting, controlling, human resources and IT. 

Technology/ Development

Dr. Axel Nickel

After studying mechanical engineering and obtaining his doctorate, he initially worked 4 years as a freelance project engineer for the automotive industry. Afterwards, he managed internationally operating industrial companies from the nonwovens-, mechanical engineering- and textile and fiber-sector as managing director for a period of 21 years. In 2012 he decided to become again self-employed with an engineering office. The focus of his entire professional career was in particular the development of new manufacturing processes incl. protection of respective intellectual property, their technical realization as well as design and marketing of new products. Today, he successfully applies gained experience in the context of consulting- and development-assignments.